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I Teach Fun, Ecology-Minded Classes in the Pittsburgh Area

While not necessarily yarn-related, my "Make Your Own" classes are a good way to practice reuse and to reconnect with your Inner Creative or Mad Scientist. Using inexpensive and easily sourced materials and ingredients, participants make and take home products that they can use every day, and become empowered to make, rather than buy. I have taught at Community Centers, shops, libraries, and other venues, and many times I share the profits with the hosting organization.

Spinzilla 2014!

What will you be doing October 6-12 this year?

I hope you will be spinning like mad for Spinzilla!

Spinzilla is a Monster of a Spinning Week which coincides with National Spinning and Weaving Week. Spinzilla is a global competition where teams and individuals challenge each other to see who can spin the most yarn in a week!

The goals of Spinzilla are:

  • Increase spinning confidence and knowledge
  • Raise money for the Needle Arts Mentoring Program (NAMP)
  • Raise awareness of handspinning in the yarn market and beyond
  • Collectively spin as much yarn as possible during the competition week (last year, almost 1.4 million yards!)
  • Support small business

Last year, I managed to spin 411 yards of yarn--not a lot--but at least I dusted off my wheel and accomplished my goal to spin up the last of a Coopworth lamb fleece I had been sitting on a while. This year, I will try to spin at least 1760 yards of yarn, which will qualify me for the Monster Mile Club.

Want to join the party? You can join a team or spin Rogue, if you are the independent type. 100% of your $10 registration fee is donated to the Needle Arts Mentoring Program (NAMP) a nonprofit that supports youth mentoring in the needlearts (spinning, crochet, knitting, and stitching.) Last year's donation of nearly $6000 provided funding for CD spindle packs. 

All skill levels are welcome, and remember, the more you spin, the better you get. There are a bunch of Spinzilla Specials provided by our lovely sponsors, so there are great deals to be had. Also, PRIZES! So, go find some fiber and start practicing, already!